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Sapphire is my main Oc, she is a pegasus and has sight on only one eye.

One day, An unicorn (mother) and a pegasus (father), gave birth to a winged filly who had different colored eyes and feathers with fangs, they named the pony as Sapphire Crystaline due to her really shiny blue eye, when they saw the fangs in her mouth, they immedietaly feared her, thinking she would murder them in the future because vampire ponies were considered as blood sucking beasts, her parents then, decided to abort her, leaving her to an orphanage.

The orphanage had terrible conditions, the fillies were treated as trash, which made most of the fillies who lived there, die. There however, was the place wjere Sapphire had met her best friend, Violet Bloom, they turned out to be besties, growing up together. At the age 15, the mares ran away from the orphanage together, Sapphire, who got terribly sick due to the orphange conditions, needed help, so Violet took care of her, they were like sisters.

After sometime, they got a small shed at Cloudsdale, they started living together. One day, Violet, who was older than Sapphire, met a colt, they fell in love with eachother quickly. Violet, blind because of her crazy love for the colt, left Sapphire alone to live with her loving partner, Sapphire then, entered in a harsh depression due to her friend, who left her alone. Sapphire had found a new side of herself, the broken side. 

1 year passed with Sapphire's depression growing stronger and stronger. One day, rambling around the shed without purpose, Sapphire started to draw on the walls of the shed, discovering her ability to draw, she started drawing more often, quickly, that became a part of her life, she drew random things day and night. One day, she was sketching random pictures sitting on chair on a Cafe in Cloudsdale, a mare saw her drawing, amazed by her abilities, the mare asked her if she would like to participate in an art faculty, Sapphire immediately accepted.

Since then, things only got better, Sapphire finally found something she loved truly and dearly, suddenly, she became quite famous, which made a lot of ponies wanting to contract her, she finally found something she was truly happy with, but, the news spread around Cloudsdale, the news finally got to her parents, with the news, they thought they could persuade Sapphire to let them be a part of her famousy, blind in corruption and evilness, they ran off to find their ''dear'' daughter.

It was easy to find out where Sapphire was living, when they got to the shed she was living in the knocked on the door, when Sapphire saw them, she didn't recognize them, due to the abortion. Then, they started telling about they being her parents, and then they started persuading her, telling that they were poor, that they needed her help, but Sapphire could see the emptiness in their eyes, the coldness in their hearts, and the filthiness in their words, Sapphire then, filled with grief, started talking back to their lies, telling them how hard it was for her to finally get over everything, how to get over they leaving her to die in that orphanage, her eyes, mane and fur started getting darker and darker, wich made her new side come to life, the dark and demonic side, she then attacked them, sucking their blood and scratching their fur, leaving them to nothing but rotten meat.

After a day, she got to her sense, she felt so guilty, trying to fix her mess, she burnt the left pieces of her parents. Soon, she forgot about the murder, due to her other responsabilities, she got back to happy and cheerful in no time.

Violet, after sometime, found out that the colt was cheating on her, she then left the colt, heartbroken and in need of a good friend's shoulder, she then remembered Sapphire, she ran off to the shed with tears in her face, knocked on the door, Sapphire, who was drawing, went to the door, when she saw Violet in her front crying, she couldn't help but hug her really tight, Sapphire could see the needing in Violet's eyes, after some minutes of pure silence and tears, Violet told about the cheating colt to Sapphire, she understood completely, and tried her best to help Violet in any way she could, but Sapphire never understood the reason of Violet's sick love for the colt, she never fell in love with anyone.

Sapphire then met a very good loking colt, they became very good friends, and the colt loved to see Sapphire's drawings, which made get very close friends, the colt suddenly got many feelings for Sapphire, wich made him love her deeply, Sapphire however, only saw him as a good friend. One day, the colt decided it was time to confess his love for Sapphire, he then invited her into a ''hangout'', little did she know it was a love date, they both kept talking for hours and hours, they laughed a lot, then, the colt started giving flirty looks to Sapphire, giving her some love puns, flirting a little, but, Sapphire didn't understand anyhting, because she never had this type of interaction with anypony, the colt then, confessed to her, Sapphire, embarrassed because the situation, started getting even more confused, the colt kept telling how beautiful she was, how much he loved her, but Sapphire just couldn't get the words, she then started talking, she told him, that for her, he was just a good friend, she then saw lewdness in the colt's eyes, scared, she got up, thanked for the hangout, and started walking away quickly, the colt however, was an unicorn, using his magic he grabbed Sapphire by the hoof and pulled her in a back hug, making her really unconfortable near him, using all of her strengh, she was able to push him away, feeling terribly bad touched by the colt, she started calling him terrible names, making him angry, he then threw a glass of water at her eye, the glass entered in one of her eyes (the blue eye) making her lose sight on that eye, she then ran away quickly, when she got home, she and Violet decided to move somewhere far away from there, they decided to move to ponyville.

Sapphire now lives with her best friend, a kitty called Miah and a dog called Crystal. She works at a dress design factory, she lives happily.

Hope you all liked it X3


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